After Goblins vs. Gnomes came out, a fast-paced new Mage archetype emerged - the Mech Mage. Using the tremendous power of the Mage's Snowchugger and Goblin Blastmage, as well as a host of complementary new neutral Mech-type minions, this archetype takes advantage of the snowballing effect that a number of the low-cost Mech minions have, generating aggressive board presence and using a clean curve to maintain mid-game tempo.

Deck Composition

Mech Mage comes in a few variants - some more Mech-y than others - but you'll see a consistent, thematic core set of must-haves:

2x Clockwork Gnome
2x Annoy-o-Tron
2x Frostbolt
2x Mechwarper
2x Snowchugger
2x Spider Tank
2x Tinkertown Technician
2x Fireball
2x Goblin Blastmage

Interestingly, despite the seeming consistency of these decks when you play against them online, these are the only 18 absolute must-have cards. Variants split off in one of a few directions - more Mech minions, more Mage cards, or a more-dependable but less-lethal version with more draw. You'll see many of the following finishing out the decklists:

Mana Wyrm
Micro Machine
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Unstable Portal
Arcane Intellect
Harvest Golem
Mechanical Yeti
Piloted Shredder
Azure Drake
Sludge Belcher
Sylvanas Windrunner
Archmage Antonidas
Dr. Boom

Whether you choose to maximize early game aggression, Spare Part combos, or simply plug away with as many Mech minions as you can manage, you'll play this deck surprisingly similarly.


Playstyle, Tips, and Notes

Once you've selected your cards and have your Mech Mage variant constructed, you're heading out with a simple goal - create a snowball effect. Whether you build to an overwhelming board presence quickly with Mechwarpers or set up a Archmage Antonidas/Spare Part finisher, you want to make sure to mulligan aggressively for early drops, fully utilize your curve, and make good decisions as to whether your spells get used for removal or as win conditions.

In fast matchups, try and get favorable trades using advantages like the Tinkertown Technician's ability to trade up, or the incredibly powerful Goblin Blastmage. If your opponent's pace is more midranged, make sure not to overextend into their board clears. Against players running decks that have explicit playstyles, like Handlock, you either need to have the ability to freeze/remove their heavy-hitting minions, or quickly set up a spell-based kill early on.



Fish for whatever 1- and 2-drop minions you have. If you're concerned about seeing something like an Undertaker Hunter, feel free to hold on to a Frostbolt. You almost always want a Mechwarper, if you can get one (never play it alone!).

You'll often decide how you're going to play out the game based on your mulligans. If you have the ability to load the board early, you might play really fast; if you start with a mediocre medley of midrange cards, you might try to stall and dig for your legendaries or removal.


Combos and Counters

You have very few specific combos in this deck - generally speaking, there are just a lot of Mech synergies. The Gazlowe and Archmage Antonidas styles both rely on developing as many Spare Parts as possible, where those become your combinations with the appropriate legendary minion.

Be aware that Mechwarper's effect stacks!