Welcome to our Curse of Naxxramas content hub! This page provides a run-down of everything you need to know about Curse of Naxxramas--pricing, release schedule, collectible cards, boss encounters, heroic mode, and more

Curse of Naxxramas Overview

Curse of Naxxramas launched on July 22nd. The adventure was released in five separate wings matching the original World of Warcraft raid which was released in WoW's 1.11 patch: Shadow of the Necropolis, and later revamped at the release of Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Curse of Naxxramas was the first appearance of the new Adventure Mode being added to Hearthstone. Similar to the introductory battles when you start the game for the first time you will fight a series of bosses with scripted events and unique mechanics, enemy cards, and enemy hero powers.
  • There are 15 Naxxramas bosses total, as well as 9 class challenges.
  • There are 30 cards total to collect.
  • All bosses have a Heroic Mode that has additional challenging mechanics.
  • The Arachnid Quarter was available at launch for free, letting players access the first three bosses. Additional wings will unlock in future weeks and will require money or gold to play. There are also pricing bundles available for players wishing to purchase multiple wings at once.
  • Curse of Naxxramas is no longer available as it has rotated out of Standard. Blizzard had publicly said they're looking for ways to bring old adventures back at some point.

Release Schedule

There are five wings of Curse of Naxxramas. Each week, a new wing was unlocked:


  • Each Curse of Naxxramas was purchasable for 700 gold or $6.99 (5.99 EUR / 4.99 GBP).
  • The Arachnid Quarter was free for approximately the first month from the release of the adventure.
  • The wings could be purchased in bulk for $19.99 (17.99 EUR / 13.99 GBP) for the remaining four wings, or if the user doesn't have the Arachnid Quarter free all five wings for $24.99 (21.99 EUR / 17.49 GBP)
  • There were additional bundle prices as well. Do keep in mind that while individual wings could be purchased with gold, buying multiple wings at once always offers a discount for cash but not gold.
1 Wing 700 $6.99 € 5.99 £4.99 R$ 15,90
Remaining 2 Wings 1400 $9.99 € 8.99 £6.99 R$ 22,90
Remaining 3 Wings 2100 $14.99 € 13.99 £11.49 R$ 33,90
Remaining 4 Wings 2800 $19.99 € 17.99 £13.99 R$ 44,90
All 5 Wings 3500 $24.99 € 21.99 £17.49 R$ 56,90

Golden Cards

  • Golden versions of the Curse of Naxxramas cards are only available through crafting.
  • The costs for Curse of Naxxramas cards follows the same pattern as regular crafted golden cards. 400 dust for common, 800 dust for rare, 1600 dust for epic, and 3200 for legendary.
  • You can preview all of the animated Golden cards right here on Hearthhead, next to the regular art on our card pages! You can even enable Golden Cards in our tooltips!

Heroic Mode

  • Defeating each wing lets you access heroic mode for that specific Curse of Naxxramas bosses.
  • Heroic bosses can have more health, stronger signature cards, and stronger hero powers, as described above.
  • Defeating all heroic mode bosses, The Fall of Naxxramas, unlocks a special card back: Heroic Naxxramas.

Naxxramas Card Backs

  • Naxxramas
  • Heroic Naxxramas
  • Icecrown

Curse of Naxxramas Trailer



Wing Completion Rewards (6 Collectible Cards)

Completing each quarter of Naxxramas rewards you with a special legendary card.
Maexxna Loatheb Baron Rivendare
Feugen Stalagg Kel'Thuzad

Curse of Naxxramas Bosses (15 Collectible Cards)

This section shows the following information for each wing: cards rewarded for defeating bosses, available bosses, their hero powers, any unique cards, and heroic changes. We've also extrapolated what unique cards the bosses in future wings have based on what abilities they had in WoW's Naxxramas.

Arachnid Quarter (7/22)

Click here for our normal-mode Arachnid Quarter strategy!


Heroic Mode Strats


Aside from having 45 health in heroic mode, the biggest change to Anub'Rekhan is that his hero power now makes Skitter. Having a hero power that costs two mana but generates a 4/4 is devastating--as such, you want a deck with a lot of removal and a lot of powerful creatures. Druid is an excellent choice, as would decks like Handlock. You could also go for a control Mage, Warrior or Paladin. In general, you just want a lot of removal and stalling potential to help control the tempo of the game so he doesn't overwhelm you early on with his cards.

He will usually play Deathlord early on while spamming his hero power which is why having strong creatures can be beneficial; getting them out for free early on helps tremendously. You also want removal to be able to deal with his cards since he can build a formidable force very quickly if left unchecked. Additionally, adding in a The Black Knight if you happen to have one already is a good option, since he drops so many taunt cards to help control the tempo.

Grand Widow Faerlina

Faerlina amps up her hero power in heroic mode, where it now costs less mana to use. She also gets stronger Worshipper and the standard 45 health. Beating her still comes down to the same advice as before however: go zoo or go home. In general, zerging her and burning the cards in your hand as quickly as possible is the most efficient way to deal with her hero power--especially considering it now costs less so she'll use it more frequently.

The Worshipper change is deceptively strong; this means in addition to her hero power, she has +3 removal nearly every turn, since she isn't capped on the amount of Worshippers she can have in her deck. You'll want to mostly rush her and make her hero power inefficient while attacking to the face. You don't need to trade or manage the board, rushing is the most effective, unless she has a Worshipper up. Zoo worked best here, since a Soulfire not only takes care of a Worshipper, but it also removes a card from your inventory making her power hit for less.

Like the other two bosses, Maexxna gets a cheaper hero power ( Web Wrap) and 45 starting health. However, unlike the other two bosses, her hero power ultimately works against her and has been the source of many "creative" solutions lately.

Right now, a big way people are beating her is by packing a lot of battlecries. Cards that would benefit your deck a lot include: If you can play a lot of creatures with battlecry or combos, you'll always be getting one of them back in your hand. A good way to think of Maexxna is to think of your battlecries as spells that just happen to have a creature attached. If you're getting a heal for one mana each turn via Voodoo Doctor, it doesn't matter if he keeps getting sent back; you have a lot of sustain for free then.

Mind Control Tech is a particularly amazing card here, since she has a lot of creatures that make more with death rattles so you'll usually be able to steal something from her after early game.

Plague Quarter (7/29)

Heroic Noth the Plaguebringer

Noth the Plaguebringer is a routine fight, but much like the encounter in World of Warcraft, the key is always to his skeletons. His hero power is Raise Dead and it summons a Skeleton for no cost--on heroic, it becomes Skeleton.

As such, on normal mode, you can pretty easily rush him down and ignore his creatures. You can even let the skeletons build up, since being hit by a 1/1 is fairly inconsequential; this way you can clear them with an AoE removal. He also has 30 health on normal, meaning a rush is even more viable.

However, the story is completely different on heroic mode. Not only does his health jump up to 45, the minions he gets from his hero power becomes a 5/5. This ultimately means that you need to be able to remove a 5/5 or deal with it as they come; trading with a 5/5 is very hard to do and early defense is vital. You'll want to look to using spells to survive early game then transition into a strong late game where you can truly shine. Alternately, you can try to rush it: Mages work well here. Being able to throw early taunters up through Mirror Image stalls out his early game while you attack to the face until you can afford spells like Blizzard and Frost Nova that can keep the army of undead at bay while you directly damage him and bypass the skeleton army entirely. Another option would be taunters--a deck like Handlock would perform well here since you could have a strong frontline to defend that doesn't die.

In both modes, you'll want to watch out for Plague. It's his trump card and he'll play it the minute he can. It's very bad on heroic mode; it can completely turn a fight on heroic mode, especially if you're relying on a solid wall of high health creatures, since it will wipe out your army and give him a new one. Don't overwhelm the board, so that you're not burned too badly by his removal.
His Deck

Heroic Heigan the Unclean

Heigan the Unclean will rush you down and he'll do it with style. With a plethora of Deathchargers and Voidcallers, he'll rush you and then he'll buff his low mana cost army with some friendly Blood Imp or two. He almost always drops an early Voidwalker as well to ensure you can't trade easily and he usually has a Demonfire to buff one of his early drops as well.

On the bright side, his hero power isn't that bad. Eruption only does two damage to a single target; on heroic mode, it becomes free to use and gains a point of damage ( Eruption), but it really isn't that nasty. If there are no other minions, it will default to doing the damage to the singular creature on your side of the battlefield. Try to put weaker creatures strategically away from where his hero power will hit when you can.

Maintaining board control is very important against Heigan. Trade early until you can get a wall of taunters up so he can't do too much damage to you and don't let him build up too much of an army--the situation can spiral out of control very quickly thanks to the deathrattle on some of his cards (e.g. Voidcaller).

At the end of the day, however, this is simply a rush Warlock deck with an added hero power--it's really not that bad. Use big creatures he can't handle to close out the win, surviving the early game is the key to achieve victory. If you can handle the first four turns or so without sustaining much damage, he will have no way to deal with a higher health army besides his Dread Infernals.
His Deck

Heroic Loatheb

Much like his World of Warcraft counterpart, Loatheb is a very unique fight based almost entirely around his Spore cards. He will usually play one a turn and they need to be used appropriately to do effective damage.

This fight is in many ways a race. Due to his hero power of Necrotic Aura which does 3 damage to your hero each turn for two mana (zero cost on heroic) and his unusually high health (75 on normal, 99 on heroic), it's essential to make the most out of every turn. You won't stall him out because his damage will eventually catch up to you since he's programmed to always use his hero power. However, you can't simply rush him mindlessly since he will play a Sporeburst every turn that does one damage to all cards. This means low health minions are particularly susceptible to him yet he requires the fast pace that low health minions give through similarly low mana costs. A catch-22 in some ways, right?

Because of this mechanic, cards that buff other cards are very useful for Loatheb along along with cards that heal and cards with simultaneously low mana costs yet relatively high health. You essentially want to be able to maximize the value of the deathrattle from Spore that Sporeburst summons by having as many creatures on the board as possible and keeping them alive for as long as possible. Both Priest and Shaman fit the bill well here for classes to try if you are struggling. Shaman is particularly strong, because of Windfury along with Totemic Might, Healing Totem, and Bloodlust. Priest works for obvious reasons of being able to heal up through cards like Lightwell which not only heal but have high base health meaning they become ridiculous cone they get the +8 attack damage from a Spore's demise.

Remember when constructing your Loatheb deck to always favor high health minions. There are plenty of low cost minions with low attack damage but incredibly high health-- Shieldbearer, Lorewalker Cho, Nat Pagle, and others will all work out really well once your first +8 attack damage goes out, turning your previously weak army into a hard hitting nightmare that can easily burn through his 99 health on heroic.

Military Quarter (8/5)

Construct Quarter (8/12)

Frostwyrm Lair (8/19)

Class Challenges (9 Collectible Cards)

  • Class challenges are unlocked after defeating specific Curse of Naxxramas wings on normal mode. There are nine challenges total.
  • In a class challenge, you face a specific Curse of Naxxramas boss but can only beat it using a pre-constructed set of cards selected by Blizzard.
  • Upon beating a class challenge, you will receive a special card.
Week Challenge Reward
Week One Druid fights Grand Widow Faerlina 2x Poison Seeds
Week One Rogue fights Maexxna 2x Anub'ar Ambusher
Week Two (Plague) Hunter fights Loatheb 2x Webspinner
Week Two (Plague) Mage fights Heigan the Unclean 2x Duplicate
Week Three (Military) Shaman fights Gothik the Harvester 2x Reincarnate
Week Three (Military) Warlock fights The Four Horsemen 2x Voidcaller
Week Four (Construct) Warrior fights Grobbulus 2x Death's Bite
Week Four (Construct) Priest fights Thaddius 2x Dark Cultist
Week Five (Frostwyrm) Paladin fights Kel'Thuzad 2x Avenge
Poison Seeds Webspinner Duplicate
Avenge Dark Cultist Anub'ar Ambusher
Reincarnate Voidcaller Death's Bite