What is Deckmate?

DeckMate is a FREE Overwolf deck-tracker for Blizzard's online card game, Hearthstone.

The app tracks the usage of your current deck in the game—cards in hand, various card statistics, and cards played by your opponent.

DeckMate works in conjunction with Hearthhead. Simply create a Hearthhead account and sign in through the app; all your data and game statistics will be saved for you to analyze and improve your gameplay!

Powered By Overwolf Powered byOverwolf

Main Features

  • Player deck tracking
  • Decks win rate and other stats
  • Import decks directly into Hearthstone
  • Sync your collection to Hearthhead
  • Absolutely free

How It Works

  • Start playing any of the supported game modes, and your deck will automatically appear when the game begins.
  • Your opponent's deck will be populated as they play cards.
  • When the game ends, the game will be logged in your match history and stats tracked by deck and by class.
  • Sign in into the app using your Hearthhead credentials to sync your decks and collection.
  • To import a deck from any source, hit "Import" and follow the instructions. The app will notify you when importing is done or if you're missing cards in your collection to complete the deck.

Important Notes

  • Signing in is not mandatory; the app will work regardless.
  • Open DeckMate prior to starting a match to ensure proper functionality.
  • Activating other trackers simultaneously may result in technical issues.
  • For the app to be used and tracked in the game, it is powered by the Overwolf platform which must also be installed.

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