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Knights of the Frozen Throne - HSReplay Hearthstone Trends: August 3 - 16

What cards and classes are rising and falling in the wake of Frozen Throne? We find out.

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New Fireside Gathering Features Are Now Live

Battle those around you at Fireside Gatherings with new special Tavern Brawls.

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Knights of the Frozen Throne - The Upper Reaches Guides

Take down Lana'thel, Putricide, and Sindragosa with our latest adventure guides.

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Here's What We Know About the Lich King Raid Event

All of the datamined info we've been able to find on this Lich King Raid.

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Frozen Throne's Upper Reaches Wing Now Open

The next three Knights of the Frozen Throne bosses are now available to fight.

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Blizzard Announces GamesCom Schedule, Here's All the Hearthstone Events

See everything Blizzard has planned for Hearthstone at GamesCom.

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Tips for Climbing the Ladder in an Unstable Meta

First days or even weeks of each expansion tend to have a very volatile meta. What can you do to still maximize your win rate?

2 days ago 2Comments

Choose Your Champion for the Hearthstone Global Games, Earn Packs

Choose between South Korea, Czech Republic, United States, and Ukraine and earn Frozen Throne packs for doing so.

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Tavern Brawl #114 - Encounter at the Crossbones

Encounter at the Crossbones! Get a random class and deck... good luck!

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Best Knights of the Frozen Throne Decks So Far (Day 5)

Another compilation of the strongest decks from the early KFT meta.

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