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Tavern Brawl #123 - ShiftCon

Choose a class. We'll fill your deck with Shifters and spells.

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Hearthstone Patch 9.2 Arena Changes - Vicious Fledgling Banned, Synergy Picks Removed

The controversial Vicious Fledgling will no longer be offered in new Arena drafts.

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Hearthstone 2017 Hallow's End Event Details

See what the Hearthstone tavern has in store for this Halloween.

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Hearthstone 9.2 Patch Notes - Hallow's End Event, Dual-Class Arenas, Interactions Updates

Blizzard is offering a special Halloween themed event this year.

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Hearthstone Patch 9.2 - Nemsy Necrofizzle Now Available

We preview Nemsy Necrofizzle and her new emotes!

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Oktoberbrawl Finals LIVE This Weekend At TwitchCon

TwitchCon is being held October 20-22 in Long Beach, California.

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Check Out Our Guides For The Top Meta Decks!

We've added some new guides and want to share our whole database.

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Hearthhead Deck Tier List Update #6 - Rogue's Dominance

Don't expect any big meta shifts until the new expansion.

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Blizzard Switching to Local Currency in Canada, Japan, New Zealand

Good news Canadians! You'll soon be able to purchase items with your own money.

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What if Hearthstone did not have a Maximum Health for Heroes?

We're theorycrafting what would change if Hearthstone had no health cap.

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