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Blizzard Switching to Local Currency in Canada, Japan, New Zealand

Good news Canadians! You'll soon be able to purchase items with your own money.

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What if Hearthstone did not have a Maximum Health for Heroes?

We're theorycrafting what would change if Hearthstone had no health cap.

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Watch as Surrender's Summer Championship Title Hangs in the Balance

The highlight of the Summer Championship comes from Game 5 of the finals.

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Why Both Fr0zen and DocPwn Picked Purple to Win It All

Purple is here to win and his fellow players have his back.

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Why Purple Has Returned to the Competitive Scene

After only playing two tournaments last year, Purple is now competing for a spot at the World Championship.

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Orange Offers His Opinion on the Hearthstone Meta, Shares Pain Points

Is the current meta conducive to a good tournament? We talk to Orange about it.

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Orange Talks About His Time Consuming HCT Preparation Efforts, 2018 Goals

Orange hopes to create a very solid playtesting group before the year ends.

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Can China Finally Qualify for the 2017 World Championship?

We talk to DocPwn and Fr0zen about China's lackluster performance at seasonal championships.

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Best Hearthstone Decks This Week - October 13

We're rounding up Legend decks from the last week.

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HCT World Championship To Be Held in Amsterdam

European Hearthstone players are finally getting a major Hearthstone esports event.

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